The Terrible Two's

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Backyardigan's Part Two

Max and Rodney enjoyed the show. No flash photography, but they got a few pics before the show started. Rodney's exact works were, "It was awesome!" He and Max even gave me a little sampling of some of the music and choreography.

I got a chance to visit with them before the show even though I didn't go. I wish I had; I hate I missed it! Max was interested by terrified by this fountain. I think he thought I was trying to toss him in.
Rodney was the one of very few fathers that I spotted in the lobby and one of a few people of color. As the engraving on his wedding band reads: "My strong Black man." He was the only Black father I saw in the crowd. I am so glad he is interested in his children, many of them are not. Kudos, Rodney - another good reason to stay married to him! SMILE!! Side Note: Don't my boys have some gorgeous legs!?!?
Max was so excited he wouldn't stand for this picture. I really hyped him up the last few days, but I don't think he really knew how special a treat he was going to get until he got there. The Marquee
Last shot before "no flash photography." They gave all of the kids shields before the show began. We all know that Max's was destroyed before it made it to the house.
Afterwards, we all went to lunch - me, Rodney, Markisha, Max, and Maddy (3M's) at the Doubletree. Then Rodney and I went to work, the baby's went to daycare, and Markisha went to court (A whole nother story). It was a great outing and I think everyone had fun!


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