The Terrible Two's

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Max and Maddy

This morning Rodney put Maddy in Max's bed while he gathered Max's daily attire. While she was there and Max was fast asleep, she kept hitting him in his head and smiling. Of course, by the time Rodney got the camera Max realized he was not alone and turned over, but not before putting his arm around her and saying, "Hi, baby."

These are just some shots that he did take, while Maddy stood innocently by as Max stretched.

For some reason she likes his bed. This may present a problem later when she starts climbing out and roaming the halls like her brother does now.
Later as we prepared to leave the house, they laughed and played. I can't wait for her to be old enough to actually play with him. He's so rough it may present some problems, but hopefully they will continue to love each other as they do now! I know it doesn't look like it in the picture, but she was laughing and cooing while he was trying to kiss her.


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