The Terrible Two's

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Party - Part 1

The birthday party will continue to be a multi part blog because there were so many pictures. So finally I got it all organized and here we go. The guests and their parents arrived and were seated after taking a family photo on the porch with our Halloween/Fall backdrop. Aryshona and Be'yah were among the guests that sat in the kitchen while the magic happened. Mostly Max's uncle, sister, her boyfriend, other adults . . .
The children really enjoyed Mr. Don-The Magical Balloonman. Max was his special helper for all of the magic and balloon creations. We were also the test group for some of his new stuff. The older children and some of the adults were totally amazed by him.

Max passed out the balloon creations to his guests. Oh, and he was Bumblebee from the Transformers, but somehow we never got a good shot of him in action.Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales was one of the more non-traditional creations.Spider Man was also a very complicated creation; he drew the face and spider on him. The more traditional poodles and swords were also present.


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