The Terrible Two's

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet!

This year for the first time ever Max got to go trick or treating!
Yes, after the party and after we opened the last gift and after the kids played for a few more hours. Shana and I decided to take them all out in the neighborhood for some holiday fun.

Max and his cousins and friends loaded up in the car - 5 total and off we went. Yes, we cheated and drove - have you ever been to my house in "the mountains?"The kids were so fun to watch. They were just running around every where trying to get the hang of it. Max was slow to start but by the 4th house he was leader of the pack; he was also the one that always ran off in no particular direction after he got his candy (never waiting for the group), and the only one that almost had a run in with an oncoming car. Next year, if I do this, we will have a small briefing session before we head out.There is this one house in our subdivision that always goes all out for Halloween and does this big cemetery for most of the month in the front yard (they have a circular drive). Never been out on Halloween so I didn't know that they add live creatures (people), fog, and black lights to complete the ambiance on Halloween night. Most of the kids stuck it out, but one stayed back. They had a gate complete with the Crypt Keeper passing out the candy. It was awesome!

This is what Kobi looked like after she returned to the car with a stranger. She did not get out at any more houses after that one and she asked at every remaining stop if there were "monsters in that house." And yes, that is Maddy's costume, but the time we decided to go out their anal Gigi had already thrown her costume in the washing machine. She was also very traumatized when we put her candy in Kamron's bag because hers was so full that the handle broke. She didn't understand that she was getting it back.
After the last house - outs - we sorted all of the candy and took out what we wanted and left them with Gallon sized bags full of candy. Max's pumpkin is hiding in my closet; he can't eat all of that candy. I found the last of last year's candy in Maddy's closet when I cleaned it out and got rid of stuff a month ago.


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