The Terrible Two's

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Party - Part 2

Maddy was up early that day and ready to party -- until the action started and then she was just plain cranky. She floated from arm to arm, in and out of sleep for hours that afternoon, but didn't get her real sleep on until about 7 PM. Poor kid was also hungry, but didn't ever eat because she was just too excited or mad.The cake by Robin Abdullah was a smash hit. It was cute and it was good. It went fast and as usual there was nothing left. I ordered one the following week so that I could just have one to eat at my (our) leisure. The cake is always my favorite part.Max has finally got this birthday thing down - he knows the song very well and is familiar with the tradition of blowing out the candles. So much so that as soon as I got them lit he blew them out, but that was before another of his party guests could beat him to the punch. They were ready! That's him smiling during the birthday song - his favorite part! He cares nothing about the cake.
My friends S & S - the least likely to be holding babies. Neither one of them really like children, but somehow they always end up with one of mine or my nieces or nephews.
After the Balloonman, before and after the cake, the children ran and played in the yard. You know, the one I never go into. They discovered the cool rocks on the side of the driveway and climbed their hearts out. They collected sticks and leaves and played chase. Rodney huffed and puffed about doing the yard because he wanted to wait until the last leaf had fallen, but I insisted and even hired one of my brothers to help. Thank you Rodney and Kobi; it was well worth it.

Of course the yard looks like it has never been raked again!

My nephew Kam. He was Megatron! There were a lot of Transformers running around!


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