The Terrible Two's

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Party - Part 4 - Randoms

As the party winded down Kobi Janai took a few moments to get her model on! There are about a dozen different poses of this one. This is the best of about 10 shots that Rodney tried to get of the kids.
Preston who had been in Max's class since day one got a chance to come to the party. He has graduated to the big kids school with his older brother and sister. Max was glad to see him and I was happy to visit with his mother.
Poor little Kennedy was worn out after they took him out of that hot costume.
High Profile: State Representative Darrin Williams dropped by to wish Max a happy birthday.
Rodney was actually at the party. This was the only picture we have of him out of the 200+ that were taken. His costume was "Angry Yard Man."
I was supposed to be a glamour witch but I never had time to put my make-up on. So I was just the hostess in the black dress with a witch hat.
Rodney says the party was really for me, but it was all about Maxwell and he loved it!
Happy Birthday Baby!


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