The Terrible Two's

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia had her 6th birthday party at The Jump Zone.Maddy had a blast; got her footing right off and went to business. Maddy and I conquered the Incredibles slide with great triumph. I was worn out after we got to the bottom. It was hard carrying 30 extra pounds up that steep slick plastic thing they call a ladder.
The cupcakes were homemade and had a really cool chocolate hand made kitty cat head on the top that was really good. Maddy really enjoyed the cupcake.
This was Max's 2nd trip to The Jump Zone. The first visit he sat on the bench and whined most of the time. He doesn't like unsure footing. he was inspired by his little sister's bravery this time.
He did find time during his first visit to go to the baby area and bully a few of them. he visited it again this time. He is such a wuss some times.
I was glad he was in the kitchen though because there was a television there and it was playing the Razorback game. They actually won that one. I have a little cousin that plays for them team that I really don't know, but I used to have a pretty good relationship with his mother. Go Joe!
This was my first self portrait since the creation of digital cameras. It was taken from inside the big carousel bounce house that the kids lured me into. I really got a workout that day.
I forgot to mention that I am testing some new hair products that my stylists recommended. Or really I should say old school hair products - spray curl activator! Can you believe it! I promised to commit for a week, but I can't shake the smell and I don't like the stickiness. I only have two more days to go.


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