The Terrible Two's

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Bye Room 115

Today is Max's last day in Room 115! He is moving on up to the next class, which he will start on Monday. They are going to be teaching the mechanisms involved in toilet training. We are super psyched about that. As a parting gift for his classmates I made the cutest little gift bags. They have bunches of toddler stuff in them and I wrote one of his teachers a nice little thank you note in a pretty little journal and gave her a gift certificate to her favorite catfish joint. The other teacher left for a cruise three weeks ago and I gave her a gift bag with some cruise essentials before she left with a nice thank you note. She won't be back until Monday where she will start in a new room. I think she was avoiding saying good-bye. I too was emotional when I received his promotion papers and again today when I hung all of the little bags on the kids hooks. God is good and he has been spectacular to my little baby boy.
Each gift bag had a personalized hand stamped name tag.

Ms. Corrie's journal began with a little pic of Max.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

KWK's 60th Birthday Party

March 21, 2007

In March we threw a huge birthday party for my mother. We used a luau theme and I overdecorated the house. It was her first birthday party and I think she had a great time! There was plenty of food, a margarita fountain, and lots of people. I think we had 60-70 people come through. It was hard to clear the out. She also received some great gifts. I have decided that once you turn 60, people think you should be relaxing. The menu included glazed ham, fruit, vegetables, pasta salad, crab dip, mango-chutney salsa and other assorted dips with crackers and chips, croissants, and assorted cheeses. We also had a spectacular sparkling lemonade punch and of course the margaritas were flowing.

Thanks to all who helped make the party a huge success. Ms. Joshua, Aunt Tiny, Aunt Liz, Shayla, Starla, Aryshona, Markisha, Rodney, Ms. Foreman. With a great big special thanks to the Ellis'. Each of of you know what you did and on this day and the days of preparation you all were a huge blessing to me and my mother. Not bad for two weeks prep time.