The Terrible Two's

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was very quiet. We got a late start and went to the cemetery where my father is buried. We got there just in time for the ending of the big ceremony that they do. I finally got to see the flags.
I really miss my father. Most of all, I hate that he didn't get a chance to enjoy the grandchildren, which total nine now.
On the way home we passed this tower and Max said, "Look, moon!"
We made a few more stops before going home for the traditional cookout. Kobi came by with his friend Zach and Rodney's friend Carlton and his family came by to watch the playoff game.

Mercedes Graduation

My cousin Mercedes graduated from high school last week. It's so hard to believe that she is all grown up. We are extremely proud of her! Congratulations Mercedes!

Mercedes and her one-year old daughter L'Myia.

More Maddy than Max

Maddy - Week five. Gigi is going crazy with her new camera. So I am getting all kinds of random shots.

This one is post bath one day. Max - Same week doing his super model thing. He is such a ham.
Maddy in her Sunday best dressed up to attend her big sister's Baccalaureate program.
After Baccalaureate we went to visit Ms. Ellis and Aunts. The layered outfit was reduced to it's slip. It was way too hot for all of that dress. We are going to take it light for graduation. Looks like she is waving bye-bye!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sticks and antiques may break my bones . . .

Multitasking has it's pros and cons. One is that sometimes you forget where your furniture is located. I knew immediately that my toes was broken when I pulled it from under the radio that sits in the upstairs hallway. One indication was the new orientation of my baby toe. Mama took me to the emergency room and they booted me up until I could go see the surgeon.
Is spent three days trapped on the living room couch. No pressure on foot with plenty of rest, ice on occasion, compression from the boot, and elevation to prevent swelling. Also had some good drugs.
But not enough drugs to keep me from noticing all the toddlers that mama agreed to babysit. Needless to say it was a very interesting weekend.

Ya-Ya - April and May Cards

May 14, 2008
I finally did my April card, which was inspired by Max's "mom rules" t-shirt. Due to the extreme uncomfortableness of the late end of the pregnancy and the difficulties and health issues I had the first few weeks of postpartum, my April card is really late, but I hope Reba/Linda enjoys it. The April challenge was to use a photograph of yourself to create a comedic card. I figure Max is just as good of myself.

Good news is that my May card got done in a timely fashion and will get to it's recipient on time. May was more easily inspired since it was to deal in monograms and later a technique you have never used. I know my initials and although my technique did not render the spectacular effect that I so desired - the shiny green stuff was kind of pretty.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, Markisha!

Sunday - May 11, 2008

Today was Mother's Day, but it was also Markisha's 18th birthday!!!! Thank God!!! Graduation is only a few weeks away!!! Her friends got her this cake; they have been hanging out all weekend - that how long prom lasts these days. The birthday girl. We are having a cookout in her honor next weekend - maybe!!!

She got her class ring and a cool Bohemian cooper bracelet from us.

Rodney and Max are trying to give her birthday looks.
Poor Rodney is so nervous about his baby growing up and leaving home. They have a great relationship that I hope lasts a lifetime.

Happy Mother's Day - 2008

Sunday - May 11, 2008

I stayed up all night with Maddy and put together a scrapbook to Mam from my children. It started off with a toddler snapshot of me and a few pictures of all of us at my wedding and then it went into different shots of all nine grandchildren in order of age. She loved it. Her gift from me and Rodney was a gift certificate to Bedford Camera. She used it to purchase a mega camera that is an upgrade from the Nikon D40 that Rodney got for Christmas. Is is the first digital camera she has ever actually read the instruction manual for and plans to use - it's the D60. Some of the pictures today were taken with the new camera. We are all excited about the new addition.

Max is appropriately dressed!Three generations of women, mothers, and future mothers.
James, Jr. was in the house for dinner. He brought Mama a nice jewelry box. He always forgets I am a mother!
The kids were playing around after dinner.
By noon today, I had created a scrapbook, wrapped mother's day gifts and birthday gifts, cooked dinner, bathed two children and myself, cooked and served breakfast and then cleaned up after. Oh, and fed, changed diapers, and pumped breast milk in between. By 2, I was exhausted. I had planned dinner for 3 and sent a text, but when I didn't hear from anyone, I took a nap. Of course they showed up around 3. We didn't have dinner until 5:30 PM
Dinner was inspired by Sunny Anderson, the new spunky black chick on food network. We had Pan-fried meatloaf in tri-color pepper rings with spicy macaroni and cheese. It was really good. Everyone was expecting more. I was trying to keep it simple, but elegant, and different. They said they felt like they were in a restaurant - I think I achieved my goal!
For dessert we had a triple berry shortcake - inspired by Aryshona. Sunny's dessert was a Shake Shot - vanilla ice cream with spices and vodka. I made it and we, well I had the whole pitcher instead of Kisha's birthday cake. My first alcohol in almost a year! SMILE!!
Maddy had a special dish - formula warmed in a fancy mug and served in an Avent bottle.

Prom 2008 - The Venue

Friday - May 9, 2008

After everyone cleared out, Rodney, the kids, and I sneaked off to check out the prom venue before everybody got there and they turned the lights out. It was at a historic building in Downtown Little Rock that is now owned by the Jr. League.

The theme was brilliant! They actually ha a casino set up downstairs with teachers and staff dressed as dealers and other casino workers.
The Entry
Ariel view of the The Ballroom/Dance Floor
It was absolutely beautiful. I almost wished I wasn't sick and shut in. I would have so enjoyed this event! The last prom I went to was Jamey's in 2001. Every one dressed up and went except Kobi. Jamey didn't even know I was there until we bumped into each other on the dance floor during the electric slide. In my defense, Mama does work at the school and she and my father went to the prom every year. I was chaperoning - I had this gorgeous sea foam green dress I needed to wear; it was fierce with my Angie Stone hairdo!

Isn't She Lovely! - Prom 2008

Friday - May 9, 2008
She finally got dressed and she looked beautiful! It doesn't even look like her!
Markisha and her prom date - D'Andre.
They actually left on time to meet the rest of their 20 member party at 6 PM at Red Lobster.

Nervous Wreck - Pre Prom

Friday - May 9, 2008
Markisha arrived at the house around 5 pm - an hour behind the planned schedule. She apparently spent 5 hours at the salon getting her hair done.
Her Mother and her best friend Daisha came with her to help her get ready!
A couple of years ago her Daddy bought her this Barbie for Christmas. It is a Birthday Barbie and oddly enough Markisha's prom dress is similar in color ans style of this dress.
Her dress was bluish and her accessories were silver.
She was a nervous wreck trying to get ready. She was almost like a bridezilla, shouting orders for various people to do certain tasks. "Daddy, take pictures!" "Nataki, do my makeup!" "Mama, help!!!!!" "Daisha, how does this look!"
I assured her that there was no need to be nervous, that it was just a dance that you dress up for. I skipped the part about it being your last big soiree until you get married unless you do the debutante thing! SMILE!!! While her entourage helped her get ready, I made snacks for her date and his family and so that we would have food also. It was light - fired wingettes, fruit, lemonade, cheese and crackers.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Maddy - Week 1 - 4

Maddy at home the first week. Her Gigi insisted on putting this dress back on her for photos. Of course she slept the whole time. She woke up as soon as we put her pajamas back on her and put her back in her bed.
This is Week 3. I skipped Week 2 because I was feeling so awful with the swelling and elevated blood pressure. She lost a pound because of all of the sleeping she was doing, so the doctors suggested that I wake her every two hours for feeding and gave me some tips to keep her up long enough to nurse for ten minutes and then take 1 oz from the bottle. So she looks so little in this picture because she was smaller.
This is Week 4 - yesterday to be be exact. Look how much her face has filled back out. Her weight is up and she looks totally different. I thought this expression was hilarious!
Pants are not Baby Girl's best fashion statement. Her wardrobe will be full of dresses, which she will probably start rebelling against in Kindergarten!
Who me? She is very expressive with her hands! A Knight trait! I think she was smiling for this one! I am still curious about how the hair and the coloring are going to land. Pink is not her color, unfortunately her wardrobe is 90% pink. I am definitely going to invest in some yellow and lavender.