The Terrible Two's

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kisha gets to College

As I mentioned in the blog before. We took Kisha to Arkansas State on August 23 and moved her into the dorms. Below is the bare dorm room that we arrived to on that bright Saturday morning. A bed, chest, desk and chair with rockers.
She is sharing a suite with three (3) other young ladies. They share a bathroom that has no locks from the inside. They are going to have to get creative with the signals for letting each other know the bathroom is occupied. There was no door for the toilet, a shower with a curtain, and a double sink with wall to wall mirrors.
After about 6 hours of hard work I finally got sifted to the mess of "the friend" who had the stash and grab technique for decorating a dorm room and the room started coming together. Kisha and I were exhausted and frustrated by that time and her father had discovered the joys of the Zine (MP3 Player), as you can see below as he sits in the chair.
When we got it all put together and had made the list of things she still needed we took a few moments to snap some pictures.
Oh yea, her mother showed back up, and I got a nice picture of the 1st Blocker family. Max still doesn't understand about our little blended family and he gets Kisha and her mother mixed up some time.

I would be doing you a great disservice if I did not show you the well organized closet that I left her with. Boy did my OCD kick in.

Even after I got the room put together and she was all comfy on her bed, she did not want us to leave her. Her father wanted to take her to dinner and then she wanted to go to Wal-mart with us.

More to come . . .

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kisha goes to College

Well this one will have to come to you in several parts. And I guess this is as good as any spot to begin. The junk. Not all of this is Kisha's, some of what you see was already in our garage, which is a whole nother story in itself. But take what you see here and multiply it by three and that might be as much stuff as she ended up taking between my mother's Expedition and her mother's friends Tahoe. Yes, it was a lot of stuff! And I loaded a lot of it by myself the night before. We arrived on campus bright and early at 9 AM. The campus sorors were on hand to help unload the truck and a local church took everything up to the room. Kisha and I started unpacking while Rodney parked the car. Then he made two trips to the store for various necessities. The cleaning stuff was three hours behind us in her mother's load. That's a whole nother story also.

Kisha's room had the best view ever of the parking lot!

Once Daddy got settled from his hour long trips to the Target store, he proved to be very helpful. Eventually Her mother and the friend showed up and they waited an additional hour for a trolley to load those items up in the parking lot a bring them around to the front door.

Shortly after they got in the room and I waded through what I had just gotten control of, the fire alarm went off. And no it was not a false alarm. Eventually we smelled the smoke and an RA had us evacuate. Shortly there after the fire trucks and emergency vehicles arrived.

Her mother and the friend decided they were hungry (I guess from all the sitting and waiting and watching) and decided to go get food. Markisha disappeared with some friends to the student union. Rodney and I waited in the hot sun for the building not to burn up with all of her stuff in it. He took pictures - I was annoyed, but not by the fire.

They never told us what had happened, but eventually they let us back in the building. We had to wait another 20 minutes for Markisha to show up with the key. And that was the first 4-6 hours I spent at the dorm. On the next blog I'll show you the room.

New Hairdo

In mid August, after four (4) long months of resistance and rebellion, I finally got up the nerve to comb Maddy's hair into one of those traditional African American baby hairdo's. I don't know why "picking out" her 'fro almost everyday did not count as combing her hair - it works for me. Those of you who know me well, know that hair is not my thing. But after about an hour or so of screaming, kicking and crying (from both of us) - below is what we got. Actually this is the next day after all of the nylon bands broke during the night. She was too traumatized for pictures immediately following and then she slept for three hour from the exhaustion.

I think it was a good first try and she's cute either way it goes, but it did make her head look even bigger than usual. Poor, baby! "Mommy is going to try harder to get it right."

Total Randomness

Barak the Vote!!! There is a blog down below this one that I just posted, but it appeared where it was intended; it's about Starla.

Did you miss me or what? Life has been so busy. I have been taking plenty of pictures. Max has been getting into plenty of trouble and discovering new things. Maddy is growing like a weed. Markisha is off at college and mad as hell at me. Mama is still KWK. And Rodney is still the love of my life (and I still wish he lived next door).

I have a few hours today. Took the baby's to their well child checks - all is good! Rodney is off and we are having our own private Blocker watch party - pizza, fries, chicken wings, and salad. The stuff on TV is just too complex and high tech for me. I just want to know who wins in the end. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to sort through some pictures and hit you with a couple of blogs.