The Terrible Two's

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!

My City Hall girlfriends got me this spectacular cake from Mickey's and treated me to lunch. I am not used to working on my birthday, but I had to this morning. I messed up Rodney's big plans for the day. I'll keep you posted on what all I did on my big day!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Markisha Update

Congratulations to Markisha for completing her first semester of college with a 3.00 GPA. She really likes Arkansas State University and she returned for a second semester with the goal of achieving a 4.0 GPA like her Uncle James did this semester.
She still likes to take pictures of herself and she's going through this new "modeling, self expression through fashion" stage.
We love you, Kish! And we are very proud of you! So if you see this and get home sick. Log off and go study -- Chancellor's list, baby!!!

Madeline Update

Yes, I really do have a second baby. And no, you don't get a picture of her every week claiming that she is extraordinary, spectacular, and smart. There is some truth in that stuff they say about birth order, and the second child getting slighted, but for me it is a matter of time and finances. Buying two of everything makes it harder to buy more. And tuition is much more expensive than child support! :)

That being said, Maddy Moo (she answers to just plain Moo now) is the same spectacular, extraordinary, and smart baby that her brother is and was at the same age. But she's different in so many ways. Who needs to compare. If I didn't have my mother around I wouldn't even remember the differences in their markers. And who cares anyway!

She will be ten months old on the 14th of February. She is weighing in at almost 25 pounds. She is very tall. We get peculiar looks from people trying to figure out why we have the toddler in the infant car seat. The numbers don't match up yet and her feet dangle about half a foot over the seat.

She is so easy going and just look at her - I think she's a doll. I would say that if she didn't belong to me.
I forgot to mention that she is crawling now. And she's very quick!

She is also coasting. No balance yet and no teeth. Not one single solitary tooth.

Keeping her hair neat is still a challenge, but I am getting better. This was an in between shot. I started taking it down and then she decided she wanted to eat. It's like a booking shot.

And Gigi thinks these are the best pictures. There are only so many pictures of an exhausted baby asleep in a high chair that you can call cute.
We all love our little "Moo"!

Obama Babies

Mama is Obama crazy! It's really at a stalker level right now. Of course she went to DC the Friday before Inauguration and stayed until the following Thursday. She had tickets to all kinds of stuff but probably only went to half of it. She had us recording CNN around the clock for two or three days. The kids and I picked her up Thursday night and she immediately unpacked to reveal all of her Obama paraphernalia. Everyone got some gear but me. I got a Michelle (it's all about her for me) button and an awesome car magnet with Obama's picture that Rodney says will be stolen if I put it on my car. The next day me and the kids wore our gear.

Maddy was all dolled up in her plaid mini skirt, 56th inauguration t-shirt and skull cap. Max and Maddy had matching t-shirts, but his skull cap read "United State of Obama" and had a Presidential seal. Kobi Janai's hat was pink.

I wore Mama's black t-shirt and hat that was bedazzled with these really pretty crystals in images of Obama. It was really overdone, but we had to show our appreciation.

Different Hair

On New Year's Day I let Markisha straighten my hair with a flat iron. The result was almost an exact replica of my 5th and 6th grade school day pictures. Awful - I traded the zits and coke bottle glasses for about 150 pounds. Can't win for losing!
I couldn't stand it. The hair was nice, but it had no style. It was in my face on on my neck. I washed it and went back to the curly fro after a few days. I love my fro!!! Thank God for Miss Jessie's hari care products.

Fric & Frac

We've been spending a lot of time with my niece Kobi Janai lately. Her mother is in beauty school. Her dad is working. Her older siblings are in school during the day. And the economy is bad so the old babysitter had to get a real job. Backup baby sitter - Gigi. So a lot of the time I have three babies. She and Max get along great when it's just the two of them. They are only four months apart, but he's really tall and she's really petite. I hope that they are close like Aryshona and Jamey are.

These are a couple of shots that I took one weekend she was here. I bathed all three and put the matching Christmas pj's on the older two. Kobi Janai is actually wearing Maddy's pj's. I thought they were cute running around wreaking havoc on the house. The picture above was their silly shot. And yes she does have on purple glitter slippers that we could not get her to take off. She slept in them.

Utter Randomness

New job! Two babies! Holidays! Birthday parties galore! Cold outside! No time for much! Got a new ipod, spending more time on computer late at night. Going to catch up soon. All is well though.

Peace out!