The Terrible Two's

Friday, April 18, 2008

Coming Home!

Maddy was born on April 14th, we left the hospital on April 16th. Below is me dressing her in the bunting that my mother crocheted before I was born. It originally had a matching blanket, hat, and booties, but only the blanket and bunting have survived the years of family babies coming home in this outfit. The most important and sentimental fact is that I was the first baby to come home in the outfit - both of my babies have worn it home also. The yellow and white looked good on her.
My outfit was very odd. It didn't fit because of the swelling. It fit before I left the house, but I was glad to be going home.
Proud Daddy!
Uncle James was he first non-resident visitor. Maddy was absolutely cute in her little white outfit. Look how awkward Jamey is holding her.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Big Sister, Big Brother

Aryshona brought Max to see his new little sister. He was such a big boy about the meeting.
Markisha was pretty excited about her little sister.
Maddy hasn't lost her appeal to her big brother yet.

Alas, a child is Born

Madeline Hermione Gene'e Blocker
April 14, 2008 @ 6:43 PM
8 lbs - 20 3/4 ins

Labor & Delivery

April 14, 2008

Heather was my L&D nurse she was awesome. I have decided to forgive her for the last tortuous hour of my experience. God pulled me through it and I have beautiful baby girl to show for it. The other picture is after my first dose of stadol; Rodney says I was flying high!

I love Dr. Skokas, he is the best ever! I got an extra special treat and he ended up delivering little Maddy!

If you want the blow by blow from the water breaking to the 45 minute hold on pushing because there was no doctor available, or how Rodney answered every phone call that came in during that time period - you'll have to call and talk to me personally. It was definitely an experience I won't forget!

What was that!

April 14, 2008

My water broke this morning, but I wasn't sure. Rodney and Max took me to the doctor's office. Of course the doctor on call that I was supposed to see had gone to deliver a baby so I got to see my boy, Dr. Skokas. Dr. Skokas sent me to the hospital.

We're having a baby! It wasn't long before everyone was in place. Aryshona met us at the Dr's office to pick Max up. Rodney and I headed for the hospital, but not before a last minute run ot Taco Bell and by Parkview High School to take pictures of the vandalism. The Taco Bell hit the spot, but we missed the graffitti, they had already cleaned it up. Mama joined us later. Heather got me all prepped, Rodney made phone calls, and we waited.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Girl Has A Name

You can all stop asking now!

It's official - although it appears that she may not be arriving for some time. The last few weeks of appointments have reported no progress toward labor, but I have decided on her name and the spelling of it. Max has been to Chuck E Cheese's a lot in the past week and I have decided to stop going into work after we get the petitions verified - possible middle of next week.

Madeline Hermione Gene'e Blocker
Nickname: Maddy
Madeline (Biblical) - Because I love it, as I did the Maxwell in Max's name when I decided on it.
Hermione (Greek - Beauty) - No, we are not Greek, but because it is different and I have loved it since I read my first Harry Potter book. You know I am into different, just go with it.
Gene'e (Family - French) - Gene'e was my favorite cousin of all time. The coolest person I ever met and knew. She died in 1995 at age 30 from cancer & complications when I was 21. She was my rock and my best grown-up friend, fun and full of life up to the end. I was devastated when she died; not having fully understood what was going on with her health. She had been fighting it and recovering from it for so many years; I guess I thought she would be there for me forever. I knew that if I ever had a daughter that Gene'e would be a part of her name.
Blocker - well you know why!

Still Yet Holding On

April 13, 2008
Yesterday, we went shopping for a flat panel HDTV for the baby's room. So that we would have space for all of the furniture in the room. Also it was an early Father's Day present for Rodney and an effort on my part to motivate him to make a significant dent in getting the nursery together. It worked!!! We got all of the furniture moved into place, but the TV won't be delivered until Thursday. The crib is put together and complete with bedding. The room and the entire upstairs is still in great need of organization and rearrangement, but at least she has a bed. Just a few pics of the beginning stages of the nursery.

Sister Friends United Scholarship

April 6, 2008

Markisha won a $500 scholarship from a local organization in Little Rock. Her mother and father attended the banquet at the Burn Park Hospitality House in North Little Rock. Max and I stayed at home; I am not much into evening outings these days. Congratulations, Kisha!

CertificateRodney and Markisha
The cake was very tasty! Rodney brought some home for me.
Markisha and the other scholarship recipient.

Happy 2nd Birthday Caleb!

April 5, 2008

Rodney's friends "The Dickerson's" had a big party for their son Caleb. He turned two years old on April 2nd. It was a great party that lasted for hours - plenty of food and lots of activities for the kids. It was mostly family and Max and Caleb were the only two year olds, but they had a blast. The neighbors sent gifts for little Caleb also.

Carlton, Caleb, and Aquarius.Caleb, in his birthday hat, singing Gerald Levert songs, on the karaoke machine.
Men at Work - Rodney and Carlton trying to put the mini power wheel Caleb got for his birthday together. It was very interesting to watch. They actually referenced the instructions from time to time.
The boys grew impatient and decided they wanted to help!
Max's swing at the pinata. He didn't like the blind fold, so this is like his third turn. He finally got the hang of it after watching a few rounds.
Me, sitting in the corner, waiting for food. I know, I am big as a house! I got a new haircut!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ya-Ya March Card

March 31, 2008
I finally made my March Ya-ya card! The theme this much was Easter Eggs. Happy Spring! I mailed it today. It will be late but still it was kind of cute.